Benefit Dance – Studio baletu a moderního tance.

Happy New Year 2017!

h3llwo2lsdm-1On behalf of Dance studio “Benefit Dance” and just from ourselves we congratulate you with a Happy New Year! To all of you we wish:

🌲 respect to others around you, because this is where our self-respect starts,

🌲 understanding and ability to listen, because truth is born in debates and compromises are the really forceful,

🌲 humanity, because who else will make this world better, if not we,

🌲 constant striving for self-development and growth, both - material and spiritual,

🌲 and always – good health and love, cause this what’s the most important indeed.

This day and all the next 364 let you be surrounded with kindness, prosperity, wellbeing, peace and tranquility, and all your beginnings will go hand in hand with success and faith. Let all your expectations fulfill and even the most unreal dreams come true.

Let it also happen one day in upcoming new year Happiness will give a knock into your door… And God grant this moment you will be home.


thank you for all the best moments and lessons to learn, for sincere, loving and loved people around us, for joy and sorrow, for making us who we are today. And goodbye.


we are ready!

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